A guide to sustainable wedding planning – Eco-Friendly Decor

You might have been to quite a lot of weddings which are far from being eco-friendly, but how can you combat that?

Organizing a zero-waste wedding doesn’t have to be hard. Let’s find out how you can convert each aspect of your wedding more eco-friendly.

First and Foremost, using eco-friendly décor

NO, it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your picture-perfect décor just because you have decided to go eco-friendly. There are a vast number of techniques you can use to stay sustainable without surrendering the aesthetic appeal of your big day.

Place cards & other printed signs

Printing place cards which will be used just for a few minutes of your entire wedding day can be replaced with some decorative details from nature. Real leaves, bamboo or upcycled wood pieces are the best way to go.

Instead of printing menus and signage for the reception and the ceremony you can of course use upcycled wooden signposts which can be reused. Chalkboards are a perfect example.

Wedding Invitations

For your wedding invitations, instead of sending paper invitations consider digital invitations or save-the-dates, asking guests to confirm their attendance online. You can always reach out to a few guests who are not computer savvy via telephone.

Print on earth-friendly paper

If you must print your invitations, print them on plantable seed paper. When this invitation gets disposed of it will eventually become a new plant. Cool right?

Let’s discuss over a coffee and we will explain to you how we can make your day beautiful while being kind to mother earth.